Hey y'all! We had some I Get Wild t-shirts made to celebrate 2023 - the year of many non-canceled gigs! Featuring our signature three-eyed dude with talking hands ("The Hand Speaks!") by our frontman, Jeremy, and a proper tour date listing on the back. Well, kinda proper: a couple of those gigs listed are not, let's say, 100% happening (RIP Cape Cod Brewery show, we'll see ya in 2024). 😬 

These are navy and white ringer T's snd we have sizes. Check them out below!

Here's how this works: shirts cost $25 at the show or you can get them shipped to you in the continental US for $30.

All our mail-order biz is being handled by Stephanie via Venmo

Hit her up, tell her what size you need, she sends you a shirt, and you wear it to our next gig. Simple!